Cybercrime is currently on the rise. Phishing scams, malware, and spyware are more ubiquitous than ever. Users need to be more alert than ever of their computing environment. Otherwise, they will easily prey to these attacks and lose their usernames and passwords for sensitive websites, and possibly suffer financial damages. Websites also need to provide stronger authentication measures to protect themselves and their users.

Illumila provides a solution that meets both the needs of the websites and users for stronger authentication. The SecuSURF solution allows users to generate a one-time password for logging into websites by using their mobile phones. One-time passwords reduce the risk of compromised passwords because each password can only be used once. The password is discarded and never used again after it has been used. Users donít need to remember what the password is because they use their mobile phones to retrieve a new password each time. SecuSURF gives websites a higher level of security by providing a stronger two-factor authentication for their users. This second factor verifies that the user has a physical object that belongs to the user in his possession. In this case, the physical object is the userís mobile phone. The userís phone is registered with the SecuSURF servers to ensure that only that phone can be used to retrieve a password for that particular user. Traditional One-Time Password solutions rely on hardware tokens that are distributed to the users. This increases the total cost of ownership and distribution for both parties. SecuSURF enables enterprises to reduce the cost of managing the hardware tokens by using the mobile phone as a replacement. Mobile phones are becoming, more and more, a common necessity item, which makes them an ideal choice to use as tokens. Users do not need to manage different tokens for different sites. As online security becomes more important, the two-factor authentication scheme provided by SecuSURF, will give users an increase feeling of security. Websites that use SecuSURF will give of f the impression that it cares about the usersí protection and that it is taking measures to safeguard them.